We have been dealing with Eastman Films for quite some time now. I am amazed by their technical integrity. They came to us seeking help to establish their Indian Office. Along with our advice Eastman has incorporated the best out of South Asian Local user technics in providing services out of their Indian Identity. Lately we have been dealing with them with Cream Source LED Lights one of Eastman’s great sales pitch.

Mike Harwood
National Director. Technical Support, Research And Development.
William.F.Whites International.

In my 26 years in the motion picture industry, I have come to know many of my contacts both buying, and selling as family. Suresh is without a doubt one of these family members at Visual Products Inc.

Mike Casey
Sales Manager

We had the pleasure of associating with Eastman Films for our Imax Film “India Kingdom of Tiger” shot in India with Imax Cameras. Eastman had joined our team as Production consultant. With Eastman’s dedicated contribution we got the best product and the Imax Movie had been released world wide and widely acclaimed. Will recommend them happily to anyone.

Primesco Films
Montreal Canada

Eastman’s technical team were associated with us in the production of PSA for Kuwaiti Government, we all, including our Princess Shieka EMDHAL were very much impressed with their Creativity and Dedication.

Dr. Ebraheem Alkashi
Director. Chromatic.

We have been strongly associated with Eastman Films for more than Decade. There helping hands are in all our Genre of Business. We highly recommend them.

Ramesh PRASAD.
Prasad Film Laboratories.
Chennai, India.

Eastman Films is known to me for the last 20 yrs. they are technicaly ahead in all aspects , with talented engineer like Suresh Rohin , etc They introduced the remote head in India much before other models like Stanton . Their tech support is much valued in India for 3 D stereo Scopic capture of high quality 3D. Their Mega mount is most advanced digital head and does a great job when fitted on to a helicopter , nose and side mount. Their services are in great demand in India.

Srinivas Bedre.
Chennai. India.

I have known and worked with Eastman Films and Suresh for a number of years now. I value their honesty and integrity, and Suresh always goes out of his way to help.

Sasha Marks
Engineering Director
Outsight Pty Ltd